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When I grow up I want to be a writer. A vague goal, but hopefully a realistic one. I am not sure what kind of writing I would like to do, but music writing seems to suit me well so far. Currently, I write for the Independent Florida Alligator, a student-run publication based in Gainesville that is unaffiliated with the University of Florida. Although the Alligator has published news articles I have submitted in the past, the bulk of my recent work has been related to the world of music.

Interviewing bands is difficult because sometimes it seems every band is interchangeable. The truth is, most new bands are homogenized. They do all sound the same, but many acts (even the very worst) usually have at least one thing that I, as a music journalist, can run with. Of course, other bands really are good/talented/funny and provide an article with content that really is interesting. To the left, a sampling of recent work I've had published in the Alligator.