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(1) thin fate
(2) autism pinched
(3) reckless abandon
(4) great big beautiful tomorrow
(5) how can you say the things you say?
Although I do enjoy creating music on my home computer, it is the music of others that truly keeps me going. I like new music. I like old music. I like listening to compact discs. I like listening to vinyl records. Old or new, vinyl or CD, all these things have their ups and downs. I might get to go see some great new band in concert, but nothing on the new Strokes CD compares to the first two songs on the first Stooges record.

Sadly, I do not play any instruments. But that doesn't mean I can't coax disturbing (and sometimes soothing) sounds to come out of my home PC. Recording under the name Os Pregos, I think I've created music that is altogether unlistenable. To the left, sample some of the tracks I've produced.