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When I lived in Broward Hall my freshman year, the Internet became a way of life. I developed an addictive Internet habit that was difficult to break. Since that fateful year, my 'Net usage has declined considerably, but many of the Web sites I discovered then are still my favorites now. Here is a list:

Superbad - This is a site that should be regarded as a "web art project." The humor and design are irreverent, but will make any user thankful for both the point and the click.

eBay - eBay is the place to buy stuff online. I stopped looking to buy old records in stores because finding ancient gems on eBay is so much easier and more affordable.

PitchforkMedia - Welcome to your one-stop indie-rock news source. I try to check this site's daily music news on a daily basis.

Salon - The writing here is great and the news coverage is sufficient. Most of this site's content is now devoted to the "war on terrorism," but that doesn't mean you should expect the same stories you might find elsewhere on the Web.

UF Health Science Center Webmail - Naturally, this is the site I visit most often. While the standard webmail page is nice to look at, the Health Science Center's version of the page always seems to run faster.