Jason and alligator

[to be read with an Austraian accent] "He's a GORGEOUS animal. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!" I'm talking about the alligator. Jason (pictured) and I caught this reptile from my dock on Lake Walk-in-Water in Lake Wales, Florida. The gator is now seeking psychological treatment.

Amy, Kara and Stephen after caving

A dorky picture of me, but visually interesting. This picture was taken after we spent hours crawling, clawing, walking, and climbing around in a cave in LaFayette, Georgia. With me is Amy (on left) from Ohio and Jason's wife, Kara.

Stephen and Stuart hotel fight

This was on the night of my graduation from Western Kentucky University. Stuart is a friend from Florida College and lives in Athens, Alabama. At first, the boy got on my nerves, but today he gets on my nerves less.

Alligator eyes

This picture combines the three of us: Me, Stuart and Jason. It was taken at Little River Canyon where you can jump of cliffs, swim or just sit in a waterfall. Later this day we witnessed a boy slip and fall about 100 feet onto nothing but solid rock. Amazingly, he lived, but the activities weren't as fun after that incident.

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