Dad and Mom on Alaska Cruise

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

Unfortunately, Abe didn't leave any wisdom or wit behind in regard to fathers. I am thankful to both of my parents for sticking together, an unfortunate oddity in today's world. Growing up, I had the "traditional" family: Dad worked 9 to 5 (I'm sure he would correctly say much longer than that), while Mom stayed home and engineered domestically. She would probably argue that she wasn't home much--between shopping, driving to and from, and attending Little League, football and basketball games for THREE boys, she probably has a good argument.

In addition to two wonderful parents (by the way, the picture on this page is of my parents taken when they were on their Alaskan cruise in August 2001), I've got two older brothers: Johnny and Tommy. Johnny is an attorney and graduate of the University of Florida (undergraduate and law school). Tommy is married to Lisa, with two cute daughters: Bethany and Bailey.

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