M16 My favorite place I was stationed while in the Navy was Guantanamo Bay, Cuba because of the plentiful SCUBA diving. I also had a chance to fire many weapons such as the M16 A3 service rifle (pictured), the M60 heavy machine-gun, the .50 caliber anti-tank weapon, the .45 caliber pistol and the M203 grenade launcher.

sunset Cuba was very beautiful. With the awesome sunsets and the constantly clear skies, the stay there was always pleasant. The area was very picturesque and had a lot of history. Cuba


There were many diverse cultures on GTMO (pronounced Git-Mo) including Jamaican, Cuban, Dutch and people from the Philippines. People on the base used parties to mingle with each other. One of the traditions was for the "host" to provide for the beverages. Frequently they went overboard as seen in the front-end loader full of beer.

One of the main perks to diving besides the beautiful coral formations, outstanding visibility and constant water temperatures was the abundant fish community. Snook My diving brothers and I would go spear fishing, shoot a fish and then let it cook while we went on our next dive. One of my favorite fish to eat is the Snook(pictured), which is in abundant supply in Cuban waters. It was a common sight at parties to have one of our 30-40 pound groupers cooking in a converted 50-gallon drum. fish on grill