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There are many different styles or methods of photography. Landscapes, nature photography, portraits, black and white, advertising photos, sports photography, weddings, etc. The style featured here is called Macro photography.

What is macro? It is a technical term for close-up photographs. Not extreme close-ups which feature your friends nose hairs and corneas. Macro photographs feature a view of a subject, or object, that emphasizes the details or little things that are so often missed.

It is about making the viewer look at something in a way that they never knew was possible. This is not something specific to macro photography. Every different discipline has a different task in creating quality images. The sport photographer struggles to bring out the range of emotions that are seen and felt in sports. From the screaming fans to the perverbial agony of defeat. Nature photographers work to bring the most stunning views of exotic and picturesque locations. Macro photos capture the immediate essence of the object by showing the detail that is often overlooked.

Taking such photos are a little more difficult than snapping photos of the pet dog. Some special equipment as well as an understanding of depth of field and aperture are neccessary. Depth of field is defined as the distance range within which objects appear in acceptably sharp focus. Aperture is the opening through which light passes into the camera.

Adjusting the depth of field and aperture give the photo different affects. A low aperture will blur out the background, a high aperture will bring the image into a sharp focus. This may sound a little complicated, but anyone who goes out and fires off a couple rolls of film will learn the basic idea.

Go shoot some photos!

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