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...a journey through what is currently shaping my life...

Radio Birdman...what is there to say. This under appreciated Australian group straight up rock. Their style of power pop with a twist of surf and garage guitar have made them one of the most influential underground groups of all time. Today they are little known, but the sound they pioneered is everywhere.

Top Five Records To Listen to Right Now...

  • 5.The Weakerthans "Left and Leaving"
  • 4.The Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa"
  • 3.Billy Bragg "Back To Basics"
  • 2.The Pogues (Anything)
  • 1.Radio Birdman "The Essential Radio Birdman 1974-1978"

    Sounds a bit odd, but I think I would be happiest singing folk songs in an Irish pub. I am a superstar in the shower and a king at karaoke, but the truth is I can't sing worth a lick. I would need another life to make this one happen. But for now I will continue to serenade my loves with some sad songs from Ireland...they'll just be off key.

    Top Five Jobs I'd Have in Another Life...

  • 5.Record Shop Owner
  • 4.Hobo, Train Hopper
  • 3.Primatologist
  • 2.Truck Driver
  • 1.An Irish Folk Singer

    Thats right, a Shakespeare-free list of authors. Chomsky opened my mind and has continually challenged me to think critically about the images that permeate popular media. This book is near and dear to my heart because it reminds me of the responsibilities and burdens I carry as a future broadcaster.

    Top Five Books and Authors...

  • 5.John Steinbeck "The Grapes of Wrath"
  • 4.Don Marquis "The Life and Times of Archy and Mehitabel"
  • 3.John Fante "Ask the Dust"
  • 2.Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse 5"
  • 1.Noam Chomsky "Manufacturing Consent"

    Army of Darkness is hands down the greatest cult film. I can hear some Rocky Horror Picture Show fan gasping for air right now. But the combination of Bruce Campbell's acting and Sam Raimi's directing deliver a one, two punch that make this film witty and fun. So I say put Army of Darkness on a pedestal and "Hail to the King Baby."

    Top Five Greatest Cult Films Of All Time...

  • 5.Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  • 4.The Toxic Avenger
  • 3.Fritz Lang's Metropolis
  • 2.UHF
  • 1.Army of Darkness