I'm know to my friends as Jersey Dave. It comes in handy to have a well known nickname, especially when you share your real name with an old teen idol. Let's clear something up now...I'm not named after the 70's reject. Give my parents a little more credit than that. When your named in remembrance of dead relatives these things happen sometimes. What really amazes me is how many people remember this guy. And even worse is the number of people who think I'll get some sort of pleasure out of hearing how much they loved him. I had jaw surgery recently and as I was being wheeled into the operating room the nurses started singing one of his songs. Talk about bad timing!
    With that out of the way I can move on. I'm a masters student at the University of Florida studying documentary film and video production with The Documentary Institute. I am currently working on my thesis film, but we won't talk about that here. I wouldn't want to give anyone any ideas. I'm here chasing a dream and I can't imagine a better job.
    Anyway, I'm a rather opinionated person with a good amount of stories to share. This is where my site comes into play. With this site I can give my words away, not that I ever charged for them to begin with. So I hope you get some sort of entertainment out of reading this. Enjoy and feel free to drop me a line.

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