Hello, I'm Lindsey. I'll be your hostess and master chef of the evening. Now, if you've stumbled onto this page you're probably among the many college students who either eat out all the time, or order in. I for one cannot afford to do that all the time, so I've figured out a few easy recipes that keep me healthy and away from McDonald's. It also gives me more money to spend leisurely (on beer).

A few suggestions before we start. If you like to eat a lot of poultry, seafood, or meat, go buy yourself a Sam's Club membership card. It's something like 30 bucks for a year membership but it's totally worth it. You can buy all of your food by the bulk. It's wonderful.

Next, buy a George Forman Grill. Cooks a full steak in 5 minutes. Nuff' said.

DISCLAIMER: This page is not for vegetarians. I am not a vegetarian and probably never will be. So if you're starving and a vegetarian, find a different page. I will not feed you.

So we're ready to begin cooking. Now all you have to do is decide what kind of dish you want to prepare. You're menu is to the left, just click whichever you want to eat.

If you are not satisfied with any of my recipes, you can also go to CopyKat Creations for all of your favorite restaurant foods.

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