Current Issues

On January 30th, 2001 Corey Rice, a resident of Gainesville and student at the University of Florida, was shot and killed by Gainesville Police Officer Jimmy Hecksel. Initially, Hecksel was cleared of any wrong doing and the official GPD stance was that Officer Hecksel fired in self-defense. Upon further investigation Officer Hecksel was indicted with a manslaughter charge and dismissed from the Police Department. This incident, coupled with growing concern among minority residents of Gainesville about police procedure, prompted the formation of a citizen's review board on police policy and procedure. Spearheaded by Scott Camil and Ernesto Longa, the Citizens for Police Review are currently in the process of lobbying support from the Public Safety Commission of Gainesville. The shooting of Corey Rice has a deeply personal influence on Scott Camil. He was gunned down in the streets of Gainesville by Federal D.E.A. agents in 1975 (see related article in Links page).

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