What Does a Quiggle Do In Its Spare Time? 

Well, Besides being a connoisseur of last names, I also enjoy several other hobbies. 

Photography.  I love pictures.  Am I very good at it?  Not really.  But here are a couple of shots I took on my family vacation last summer.

These three pictures were taken at Yellowstone National Park. 














Another favorite past-time of mine is watching Gator sports.  My favorite happens to be Men's Basketball.  I have been a Gator Greeter for the Men's program for two years.  We pass out programs and help promote the sport on campus.  This is a picture of some of my Gator Greeter friends and myself during the NCAA finals.



I also like to bring my camera to the games.  Here is a shot I took during the Vanderbilt game.




If you want to learn more about athletics at the University of Florida,  I recommend checking out Gatorzone .  They have the most comprehensive information on the Gators.


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