The Quest for Quiggle Continues... haven't had enough Quiggle in your life yet?  Don't worry, there're more of us you can learn about.  But my family is more interested in quality, rather than quantity.  I have no cousins and only one other sibling.  So ponder this...are Quiggles a dying breed?

My parents Kenneth Quiggle and JoAnn Myers Quiggle were born in the Cleveland Ohio area.  They met on Memorial Day weekend in 1969.  After a "lengthy courtship", they were married in October of that same year. 

Note to readers:  Know someone longer than five months before you get married.

Thirteen months after Ken and JoAnn's whirlwind romance, my older sister Christy Quiggle was born.  She has since replaced her illustrious Quiggle moniker for her husband's last name.  This is a picture of the happy couple,  Steven and Christy Keener.



Now Christy and Steve have a child; my niece Alexa Madison Keener.  While she is not officially a Quiggle, she has a lot of Quiggle genes.   I think the "Quiggle" in her makes her cute.



So that is my family....the Quiggles.

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