Brandy Quiggle's Surname Bonanza!

I am fascinated by last names.   I love them.  A last name can make or break you.  Having grown up with the unusual last name of Quiggle, I was always aware that some people had it easy; while others were more phonetically challenged. 

Quiggle is a derivative of the Scottish name McQuigg.   In an (unsuccessful?) attempt to Americanize it, some brilliant forefather came up with Quiggle. 

Growing up with my last name wasn't too horrible for me.  I accepted it at an early age and I grew to love the uniqueness of having a "Q" name.   When I started school, that's when I learned what your last name could mean.   In elementary school, I learned that Quiggle rhymes with giggle, wiggle, and jiggle. 

Things heated up for me in middle school when a song called "Wiggle it" by the group "2-in-1" was released.  I was often serenaded with a slightly modified version of the song. 

High school and college have been much kinder.  There is such a variety of names, that a slightly quirky Quiggle can slip by without much notice.

So this is why I love last names.  The good, the bad and the downright strange.  If you have any stories about your last name, I would love to hear them.  

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Now for a quick Quiggle question.  Can you spot the Quiggle in this picture?

Answer:  I'm the one in the back!

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