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Book Cover: 'Twixt Twelve and Twenty 'Twixt Twelve and Twenty
Dell Publishing, 1958

Hi, _______________: Please write your name in here because this book is dedicated to you and has been written for you.
In case we haven't been formally introduced, I'm Pat Boone. I sing. Right here I know you're wondering why, if I'm a singer, I don't stick to music instead of trying to write a book. Well the answer is simple. It's
you. I wanted a chance to talk to you personally, a just-between-us-two sort of talk with no one else (especially any grown-ups) around.
Why do I want to talk to you?
Well, I was sitting in my dressing room in Hollywood a while back after we had just finished making a picture, and I had just finished my umpteen hundredth interview and answered my umpteen thousandth question about teen-agers in general and myself in particular. A very nice columnist who writes for a lot of newspapers had asked the questions and taken notes like crazy and now that he was gone I sat there thinking how odd it was that five years ago when I was actually in the teen-age no one, but no one (except Shirley and I married her) seemed to care much what I thought about anything. Then suddenly, almost overnight, some of you began to buy my records--what a nice feeling!--and then a lot of people seemed interested: writers, reporters, parents, teachers, youth authorities, our milk man, his brother-in-law who is a juvenile police officer, all wanted to know what I thought about
Did I think our generation was lost? Beat? Angry? Did
I personally think you ate the right kind of food? Wore too much lipstick? Paid enough attention to your studies? Wore too many petticoats? Had too much freedom?...Would all of you grow up to be witch doctors or purple people eaters? Or was there hope that our generation could be really a part of the human race?
...Well--here it is, my book, dedicated to you. It's not a classic. It will have shortcomings. I can't guarantee my literary style, only my intentions. I have tried to be completely honest, to share with you my faith, hopes, dreams, experiences (and faults!) not with the idea of making you a whole lot better (I'm not in the least worried about your being "good"... I know you... I've read your letters, I know the stuff you're made of, and it's good goods already) but in the hope of making you a little bit happier.
I may not be the wisest, or the oldest, or the most experienced person you know. But you will not find anyone anywhere, who has a more sincere desire to see you climb that ladder of seven teen-age years with real enjoyment and arrive up here in the adult world ready for a happy successful life.
So pull up your chair, pretend I just offered you an all-day straw for that Coke, and let's talk. We have a lot to say to each other!

Your boy,
Pat Boone

--from the Introduction

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