Ted and Angela's Special Production

Due to Premier December 16, 2000

Ted with Angela at almost six months pregnant

It's a boy!

This is us in August. In this picture the baby is about five and a half months. The baby has been in development since March 16th and everything is going along on schedule and under budget.

We are planning to name him

Zachary Dean Vigil.

Zachary means "God has remembered." And those of you who know us realize he is the answer to our prayers.


The sun sign Sagittarius.His sun sign will be Sagittarius.

Under the Chinese zodiac he will be a dragon.Dragon from the Chinese zodiac.

His new crib isn't exactly Feng Shui but it is very cute. We are decorating his room with the John Lennon "Imagine" characters. We liked the designs and the sentiment behind them.

This is the design for the nursery.

Sneak Preview

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