My name is Leslie Sims and I am currently a senior, majoring in public relations at the illustrious University of Florida. As I am nearing the completion of my undergraduate career, I realize that I have given back very little to my soon-to-be alma mater. That saddens me. I don’t want to strike out into the "great unknown," (i.e. the real world of jobs, paychecks, etc.) leaving nothing behind to further the education of my fellow students and friends. Hence, the epiphany for my new web page.

I designed this web page to allow current students, incoming students and prospective students to benefit from the wisdom I have gleaned during my four years at this institution. Basically, this is the guide I never had and always wished existed, chock-full of little-known facts and everything you have ever wanted to know—or not know—about the University of Florida, Gainesville and college life in general. Good luck to you all and I hope my web page accomplishes its goal of helping you to simplify and succeed in your own college career.

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