"It's 2 a.m. Where can I go to eat?"

--Adam Briscoe, 22

There are many restaurants open after midnight in Gainesville:

Here is my rating scale:
= never dine here, even upon pain of death
= feed to neighborhood animals you want dead
= eat here if the food is free
= pretty good food, good prices
= highly recommended

You can click on any restaurant picture, and if that company has a website it will take you there.

The Clock
Main Street

This is me vomiting in disgust outside The Clock

Due to The Clock's unfortunate location, the restaurant's general ambiance is a little strained. Muggings and fist-fights are a normal, everyday occurance in the parking lot and the dining room. I would not recommend this establishment--not solely because the amount of violence per visit is unhealthy, but also because the food is vile. Horrid, wretched...it consists mainly of unidentified, nebulous blobs of fried substance. And, it's not that cheap.

Leslie's Rating:

University Avenue (2), Archer Road and 13th Street

Checkers is not only conveniently located, it also rates high on the satisfaction scale. The food is fair quality (for fast food), is cheap and you can get in and out of the drive thru quickly.

Leslie's Rating:

University Avenue

Denny's is not one of my favorite late-night spots. The servers are languid and unconcerned...sometimes even blatantly rude. The food is unnecessarily greasy and over-priced. Also, past 9 p.m. Denny's switches to the "Late-Night Menu," which has a limited selection.

Leslie's Rating:

23rd Street

Firpo's is a terrific late-night eatery. It is never over-crowded, the servers are attentive and they offer a variety of fairly good food for cheap prices and in large quantities.

Leslie's Rating:


Perkin's (as you can see in the pictures above) is my favorite of the restaurants open late at night. In fact, it is a restaurant I frequent in the daytime, too. The menu is varied and tremendous, with well-cooked food and a vast myriad of delectable desserts (Perkin's doubles as a top-notch bakery). The prices are quite reasonable for the quantity of food you receive and the quality of service.

Leslie's Rating:

Taco Bell
University, 13th Street &
Archer Road

I am hugging and kissing the Taco Bell sign in the picture above because, without fail, at the end of every semester when I have no money, Taco Bell is there for me. You can fill up at Taco Bell for less than $4.00, and they serve Pepsi (the most satisfying carbonated beverage ever invented). They are not open all night, but stay open until 4 a.m.

Leslie's Rating:

Waffle House
13th Street, Archer Road

I dislike Waffle House. In fact, I loathe it. Despise it with the fire of a thousand suns. I don't know if you are aware of this fact or not, but in the African desert, there is one specific place were elephants go to die. Instinctively, these elephants travel hundreds of miles to their pseudo-cemetery when they age or are terminally ill. In my opinion, Waffle House is where aged, cantankerous waitresses go to die. They travel from miles around--all areas of Florida--to harp incessantly and treat customers as if they were delinquent children. And the food is terrible.

Leslie's Rating: