My Family

I have a lovely family and other family. I also miss other family, my parents and parents-in-law. They become always a internal power for me.

Wife and daughter
I'm 32 years years old and married to the most beautiful woman, Jung Ah. She and I have married for five years. We have two children

Mom and Dad
My mom and dad live in Seoul, Korea. They have been married for thirty-three years. We have been a happy family.

in-law They love to take a trip so much. They've traveled more than 50 countries. My father-in-law is serving an executive director at the Hotel in Pusan, Korea. So, they can have a lot of chance to trip.

Son, Soomin
son He is five years old. Therefore, I'm busy caring for him right now. And I love him.

Daughter, Lindsey
daughter Lovely cute angel. I'm so pleased to have my daughter and I'll miss her when she'll get married in the future.

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