The Amazing Internships I Have Had In

For me New York City has made its mark in my heart. After spending
two summers there, it has opened up a whole new world for me. New York
is the essence of America, in my opinion. I would love to attend law
school somewhere in the Manhattan area!

My first internship was at LobsenzStevens, a public relations firm. While I did enjoy
interning for them, I came to realize that I would enjoy working for a larger company.
Internships are all about experience. This internship was one of my first stepping-stones.
Living on my own in Manhattan alone was a major learning experience.

I had a truly inspirational experience this past summer at
Turner Broadcasting Sales, Inc. working primarily for TNT.

My duties included:

  • Working in the Promotions/Publicity Departments
  • Working hand in hand with Advertising Sales
  • Created and Presented a 50-slide PowerPoint Competitive
    Analysis on broadcast and cable networks
  • Devised Final Reports for the Internet Movie Awards and the SAG
    (Screen Actors Guild) Awards
  • Updated database files

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