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Once I complete my undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, I plan to attend law school. Right now I have high hopes of going to NYU or Columbia, two fine New York institutions. The reason for my interest in New York schools is because I want to practice media or entertainment law, hence the public relations major. New York is the veritable center of this industry, so it's only logical that I go there. Now, I'm not going to jump the gun and rule out any other possibilities, but for me, it just makes sense to root myself in New York to start my career.

Practicing law seems like the most natural thing I could do with my life. Not only do I find it immensely interesting, but I'm a natural-born litigator. Just try me. You don't want to get into a word match with this girl! I do, however, have a passion for journalism as well. This is something I discovered when my ninth grade English teacher urged me to join my high school's yearbook staff. I did and the rest is history. My positive experiences led me to study public relations in college and have fostered my interests in media law.

I also hope to incorparate my language skills into my career. Currently, I am taking my third semester of college Spanish, following three years of high school courses. I have plans to study in Spain for a summer to sharpen my verbal skills so that one day I can speak fluently. Mastering this beautiful, practical language has been a long term goal of mine since I first became exposed to it. Hopefully my goal isn't too far off! Adios!

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