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The Home of the Gators. The Swamp. The University of Florida. This fine establishment is the place I've called home for the past three years. And I have loved every minute of it! Well, almost every mintue!

When I first arrived in Gainesville, I hadn't even graduated from high school. Instead of spending my senior year at home, I elected to come to UF a year early and get a head start on life. At first, I thought that I had made the craziest decision of my life. After all, a campus that is home to more than 40,000 students, an amazing atletics program and a world of opportunity can seem like a lot to a 17-year-old!

But those days are long gone and I am now happily pursuing my degree in public relations and living my life in this great little city called Gainesville. I would like to share with you some of the things I love most about the University of Florida.

  • Athletics:I was never a sports fan until I attended my first game in The Swamp. My seats were in the highest row possible, with the sun blazing straight into my eyes, but I loved it anyway. The energy coming from the crowd is unbelievable and it is impossible not to get caught up in the action. I even made the leap from football to basketball and have become a "rowdy reptile" to be reckoned with. Orange & Blue, Let's Go Gators!

    This is my younger brother, Ben, and I at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
  • Fun Stuff:Whether it's a night on the town at Lush, an awesome dinner at Saki Drops or a day outdoors at Ginny Springs, I have come to love many of the Gainesville originals. I may be a city girl at heart, but I'm enjoying my time in a small town.
  • Hillel:One of the most fabulous opportunities that I've been presented with during my college career was the chance to spend the millennium in Israel. This was made possible by Hillel, the foundation for jewish campus life. Through Hillel and the Birthright Israel trip, I had the most amazing experiences and met wonderful people. My New Year's 2000 memories will most definitely last me a lifetime.

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