Jason Osder: Information


I am currently a graduate student at The University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications. In May 2001, I plan to complete a master's degree with The Documentary Institute.

In June of 1995, I received a BA in Praxis Philosophy at New College of The University of South Florida My senior thesis on crime and criminal justice was based on fieldwork done with the Public Defender Service in Washington DC.

Skills and Experience

In 1993 I interned with the Public Defender Service in Washington DC. I worked as an investigator, locating and interviewing witnesses and victims on behalf of indigent defendants.

I received my single engine pilot's license in October 1996. Unfortunately my license is not current due to lack of funds, but I look forward to the day that I can continue this rewarding but expensive hobby.

I have computer experience in several areas: general office use, database management, and internet research. I am in the process of improving my HTML and web design skills. I also have experience with video applications including the discreet logic software edit* and combustion*.

Travels and Hobbies

I enjoy many outdoor sports including: biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, sailing and snowboarding. I don't get to do enough of them lately (especially snowboarding). Indoors I also like reading novels and watching movies.

My travels include the eastern and western United States, Central America, the Caribbean and Northern Africa. I have hiked 300 miles of the Colorado trail, driven from Florida to Honduras (and back), and spent a night trapped and exposed on Grand Teton.

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