Site last updated October 16, 2000 please check for my current information.

I became interested in web design after designing a web page for a mailing list that I started for a local band called Big Sky. I am currently reworking this site and that is why it is not listed in my designs.

I started doing sites just for fun but I quickly realized that I really enjoyed it and thought I might be able to make a career of it. After being in five different majors starting with environmental science and considering every computer major on this campus I came to the College of Journalism. Originally I thought I would be an advertising major and just take a bunch of computer classes. The advisor for the college of journalism told me about the new online media program that the college was working on. After talking to William McKeen the journalism department chair I decided to go into online media.

After having been or considered a major out of every college at the University of Florida I think that I have finally found what I will graduate with, as soon as it gets approved.

Design History

As I mentioned above my first site was a site called Reunion for a Big Sky band mailing list. It was designed using Microsoft Publisher before I learned HTML. I linked to it from this page because it is not up to the level that I am at right now in my design skill but I hope to bring it up to date soon and put it in my portfolio.

After designing that site I moved on to design a site for my sorority Pi Beta Phi. Many of the chapters on campus had a presence on the web and I was the one who set everything up for our web site and designed the page.

The next site I designed was the site for the University of Florida Dance Marathon. This site took me a very long time to design because it is a very large site. I was ask to stay as webmaster another year in the position of webmaster because they really like the site.

During the spring semester of 2000 I got an internship with as the assistant webmaster and Music Mainstage editor. I redesigned the Music Mainstage section. When the webmaster resigned so that he could get a job so I was asked to step up to webmaster for this site. I am in the process of reorganizing the whole site and make the sections look more uniform for organizational purposes. My other job as webmaster is to select and oversee the interns that we have at

I am also the Information and Communications Director for Florida Blue Key. With my position in Florida Blue Key I am maintaining the newly redesigned Florida Blue Key site while adding a few of my touches to it when needed.

As I have worked on different sites and learned more about web design my sites have become successfully better. My design style tends to be keep things fairly simple and get the message across easily. I like designing the main page around a navigational image, I am not sure why but it seems to look good and be just a little different from other sites that are out there.

Other Interests

My interests outside of web design include computers in general. I am the computer chair for the Panhellenic Council and I succeeded in putting the applications for Recruitment online this year. This made things much easier because the women went through Recruitment and the chapters working with the data. All of the information on the form was placed in a database instead of having to enter each of the registration sheets into a database as they come in.

I have an advanced knowledge of Office 97 and 2000 professional edition packages. I also use Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 and Fireworks 3 and Adobe Photoshop 5.5 to create many of my sites. I have recently started to code with Cascading Style Sheets because it allows me to edit the pages and make them look the way that I want them to.

I am also interested in guitar, I have taken a few lessons and I am trying to learn some songs. It is pretty hard but a really neat hobby. I love music in general and always have to have a radio or CD playing while I am designing web pages or working on the computer.