I have designed and worked on a few different sites at the University of Florida and in Gainesville. Below are links to my sites and an explanation of the site and the scheme. Click on the screen shot to go to the site.

Site last updated October 16, 2000 please check http://jmcatee.home.sprynet.com for my current portfolio.

University of Florida Dance Marathon

University of Florida Dance Marathon Screen Shot This site was designed for the University of Florida Dance Marathon benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. This is the largest site that I have designed to date. It contains 10 main pages with other supporting pages. The first graphic is based upon the Dance Marathon logo. I took this logo and recreated it using MS Image Composer and I added a few special effects to it to make it look nice. The musical notes fit in well with the actual event in which dancers stay on their feet for 32 hours. During this event music is played and the dancers learn a line dance. Each of the content pages has a musical staff at the top with the section name and music notes down the side as a navigational aide.





Pi Beta Phi Florida Delta Chapter

Pi Phi Screen Shot The colors for the site come from the color of the house and from the color of the marble tiles in the foyer of the house. I took this picture of the house to be used on the page. I had several different concepts for the layout but I eventually decided that I liked this one because it fits on one screen fairly easily. Each of the content pages has the same marble bar at the top with the title of the page on it with a marble navigational bar.








Music Mainstage Screen Shot I designed this site as part of the Gatorbuzz.com website. This is the opening page of the Music Mainstage section. The content of this site deals with local bands and national acts also. Because of this content I wanted a rock/music design. Spotlights are often used in concerts so I thought that would be a good way to open the section. The content pages have a black bar down the side with the gatorbuzz bee in the top corner and the names of the different sections down the side.





University of Florida Panhellenic Council

I designed this page as a part of the Panhellenic Council web site. This page was built to give information about Panhellenic Recruitment 2000 to women thinking about going through the recruitment process. The end of this page links to an online application. I designed the form page and the database that is goes along with this page.

Note this page is not active and is archived within this site all of the links still work except for the link to the Panhellenic site.