Panhellenic Fall Recruitment

Welcome to the University of Florida Panhellenic Recruitment 2000

Recruitment is a mutual selection process which enables women who are interested in joining a sorority the opportunity to visit each chapter and meet its members. Sorority Recruitment is sponsored by the Panhellenic Council each Fall. It is organized, coordinated, and managed by the Recruitment Executive Board. Recruitment lasts one week from August 19 to 27 and involves four rounds of Recruitment Parties. During these parties, sorority members will talk with potential new members, take them on house tours, and describe the meaning and benefits of sorority life.

Round OneRound one is designed to introduce you to the many aspects of Greek life at the University of Florida. During the first two days of Recruitment, you will visit fifteen chapters. Round one may seem hectic due to the short parties and the brief conversations, but this is your chance to let every chapter know who you are and for you to learn about the benefits of Greek life. For this round, you should dress comfortably and casually. Shorts and a T-shirt or polo with tennis shoes is appropriate. Remember you will be walking from house to house.

Round TwoRound two begins with the potential new member's accepting up to ten invitations to parties. During these parties you will participate in a variety of activities for the benefit of the community and spend more time getting to know each chapter. Since you will be working on arts and crafts for a chapter charity, dress casually and comfortably. Shorts and a T-shirt with sandals or tennis shoes is appropriate. Remember, you may be using paints, markers, glue or other items that may get on you clothes so expensive clothing is not recommended.

Round 3Round Three parties will give you more information about what makes each chapter unique. Look for certain qualities that you want in a sorority experience. This round is a little more formal, but is still somewhat casual. A simple dress that you would wear to a nice dinner, church or temple is appropriate. Pantsuits are also appropriate.

Round Four

Preferentials is the most formal, most serious and sometimes the most emotional round of Recruitment. During this final round, you must decide of which sorority you would like to become a member. This decision can be a difficult one to make, but remember to make your own decision. Preferentials is the most formal round. A formal, semiformal or a cocktail dress is appropriate. Simple jewelry, heeled shoes and pantyhose are also suggested. Shoes which are dyed to match are not recommended because of possible rain. Bring another pair of shoes for walking before and after party rounds.


For the Recruitment Party times click here.


Recruitment Registration

In order for you to be able to go through recruitment you must be a UF student or have been accepted to UF.

1. Complete the application on the next page by clicking one of the links at the end of these instructions.
2. Print a copy of the completed application and sign the release at the bottom. The printable form is generated after you submit your application.
3. The fee is $65 for applications postmarked 8/2/00-8/6/00. Applications postmarked after 8/6/00 will not be accepted. Please do not attach resumes or photographs to your application. Make checks payable to Panhellenic Recruitment. Do not send cash. This fee includes all recruitment materials.
Send a signed copy of your application with a check to:

Panhellenic Recruitment
C/o Recruitment Secretary
300-59 J. Wayne Reitz Union
P.O. Box 118505
Gainesville, Fl 32611-8505

4. Upon receiving your application and check, the Panhellenic Council will send you a confirmation postcard within 2-4 weeks. You will also get a confirmation e-mail when you submit your application online.
5. All women must attend the mandatory Potential New Member Forum on Saturday 8/19/00 at 4pm in the University Auditorium.


If you have difficulties with the online application and need to fill out a paper application one can be downloaded from here.

    For more information or questions about Recruitment contact Jamie Garcia at

    For questions concerning the online application and Recruitment registration status contact Jamie McAtee at

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