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Have you attended UF before? If So

Have you attended community college or another university? If so

Please list any sorority affiliations in your family:

List and describe all extracurricular activities in high school or college, including offices held, honoraries, community service, and work experience, ect.

Please read the statement below.

Special accommodations for students with disabilities or handicaps can be arranged by contacting the Panhellenic Council. Assistance cannot be cannot be guaranteed unless requested for in advance. I understand that all of the information provided is subject to verification by the Panhellenic Council. I also understand the information supplied on this Recruitment application will be distributed to sixteen sororities on the University of Florida campus. I give my consent to the University of Florida to release any information contained in my student record to the Panhellenic Council. I also authorize any sorority to contact my high school and have any information contained in my student records released to that sorority. Inaccuracies in grade point average or other information reported on this form my result in my removal from Recruitment activities, eliminating any possibility of joining a sorority.

By submitting this form have read and agree to the statement above.