More About Me

I came to Gainesville in 1992 to attend the University of Florida. After several reevaluations in my choice of majors, I settled on Film Theory in the Department of English. I graduated in 1997 and worked for two years here in town at an interior design studio where I was the photographer, web designer, and all around office assistant. But in the summer of 1999 a professor from the College of Journalism came into our office because she wanted a new office set-up and I happened to be the only person available to help her. In the midst of selecting new office furniture we got to talking and she told me about a new program in the College of Journalism for a Master's in Documentary Film. So I applied, and here I am today, making a film, and learning a little bit more about the web!
On a more personal note, I am also getting married next summer after I graduate. Here is a picture of me with my fiancÚ, Eric (being goofy). Eric is also a graduate student at UF in the IDP program within the College of Medicine, working on his Ph.D.