While reporters and photographers stay busy putting together their story for the evening broadcast, the producers are busy getting the newscast rundown ready for air. There is one producer assigned to each of the five newscast at WCJB television. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that newscasts are"stacked"according to their relevance to the local community and which stories impact the greatest number of viewers.

In addition to the producers stacking the show, there are many other assignments being carried out as well. For instance, all names, quotes, special effects or requests must be pre-produced before the newscast. Reporters submit their requests to producers who in turn will give those requests to a member of the production staff. They will use the highly specialized equipment in the control room to produce those requests.

One of the most important entities of television news is its satellite and live capabilites. On any given day, you'll find newsroom personnel in front of the microwave receive panel tuning in a signal from a live unit in the field. Since Florida is relatively flat, microwave signals beamed back to the station can cover a distance of between 50-60 miles.

Some of our feeds are sent to other stations across the country via our Satellite Center.