When a reporter returns to the station, the first order of business is to check with producers to find out what kind of story they are expected to write and for which broadcast. As soon as the story's time slot is decided, it's time to get busy writing the story to a prescrided length. Unless it is extraordinary or compelling, the story is usually limited to one minute and thirty seconds.

After getting the story approved, it is time for the reporter to mix pictures and sounds to get the final product. Before any story is sent to the editing suite, it is closely scrutinized by at least two people.... namely the producers and anchors. At this point, the photographer who taped the story or a full time editior will get together with the reporter and coordinate the pictures and sound.

It is getting close to the time that story will finally be pieced together for air. The reporter will remain with the photographer/editor to record a voice track and to also make sure that the pictures match the audio track. On average, it could take betwen 30-minutes and one hour to completely and thoroughly edit a news story.