• (08/30) Linear Edit Skills Test
  • (09/13) Lighting Skills Test
  • (09/13) Highlander Re-cut Due
  • (09/27) Music Video FOOTAGE Due
  • (09/28) Exam 1
  • (10/04) Music Video ROUGH CUT Due
  • (10/04) edit* Skills Test
  • (10/11) Music Video PROJECT Due
  • (11/01) Documentary Idea Due
  • (11/02) Exam 2
  • (11/08) Package/Mini Story Due
  • (11/15) Primary Interview and Individual Script Due
  • (11/22) Final Documentary Script Due
  • (11/30) Exam 3
  • (12/05) Documentary Rough Cut Due IN LECTURE
  • (12/15) Documentary Final Cut Due


This is the first project where you will develop your skills in editing, lighting, and camera. You will work in a group of 4-5 people drawn randomly from your lab. Each of you will pitch an idea and a specific job that you would like to have -- camera, editing, sound, directing, or talent. The goal of this project is to further explore techniques of good story telling. Another goal of this project is to demonstrate your ability to work constructively as a member of a production team.

You will create a 2-3 minute music video with the group. You must have an element of lip-synching. Your projects must be creative and must incorporate all the elements of good video making that you have learned in the semester.


Create a video news package, an "experimental" essay, a mini-drama/ comedy, or other visual statement that utilizes the skills you have learned so far in editing, shooting, and lighting. The challenge is that you will be limited to a 2-week period, with a VERY limited amount of shooting time and editing time, and you are limited to a 2 minute running time.

You have a chance to create your unique vision/story. The content and form of what you do is flexible, but you must have a beginning, middle, and end in the video's structure. Also, it must be meaningful and entertaining to your peer review audience - not so esoteric that it can only be understood by a few.


As a lab, we will discuss ideas for a documentary project and you will choose 3 other partners based upon the idea that most appeals to you, and the compatibility of your schedules. Your group will be required to shoot and edit the project together. The quality of your script and the quality of the lighting, shooting, and editing will determine your points, and how you integrate instructor feedback in the process of the re-edit.