This is me and my best friend, Melissa. We have lived together for the past 5 years. We made a plan that every time one of us gets a degree in college we are going on vacation to celebrate. This past spring Melissa graduated from UF with an Engineering Science degree. We went on a bunch of trips to celebrate. Our vacation started with a cruise to the Bahamas. This is a picture of us before dinner one night.

We mat a lot of really nice people in the Bahamas. This guy had a cap full of dreds. We just walked up to him and asked him to be in our picture. He replied, "Anything for you lovely ladies, mon!" We were on our way to go shopping in the straw market. You can see our cruise ship in the background.

This is Theo. We went to a club in Nassau and met him there. We thought he was the cutest thing in the world. Not only was he handsome, but he also had a Bahimian accent. He was a really sweet and outgoing guy. We wanted to bring him back in our suitcase.

After we got off the cruise ship we left Florida and drove to South Carolina. We went to visit our friend, Natalie, who is going to law school up there. Me and Melissa will do anything to get a cute picture. We saw this coin operated motorcycle and had to sit on it. Natalie took the picture and now we have it framed in our apartment.

From South Carolina we came home and took a break for a week. Then we flew to North Carolina to visit some friends. They are Marines at Cherry Point, NC. This Is Darryl. We all went to a club one night and of course I had my camera.

This is Dave. We met Dave through Darryl. We ended up hanging out with Dave most of the time we were there. He took us to the North Carolina Aquarium. He saw this stuffed gator there and had to show some gator pride.


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