This is my cat, Tyson. I rescued him from the pound about two years ago. He was just a skinny little kitten when I got him. Now he weighs almost 15 pounds! I was attracted to him because of his big eyes and ears. I also liked the fact that he didn't take any crap from the other kittens in his cage.

This is Madison Brianne. She is my 10-month-old American Cocker Spaniel. She is always full of surprises. In this picture she actually had just had a bath. I put her on the back porch after she was dry and I went to the store. When I got home 15 minutes later she was covered head to paw in mud. She just looked up at me like she didn't do anything wrong and wanted me to take her inside. Needless to say, she got another bath and was on restriction from the back porch.

Tyson acts like a distinguished old man. He does not like Madison because she always tries to play with him. He usually beats her with his paws and gets away from her. Good thing he doesn't have any claws. This time he hid in the bathroom sink. He will do anything for a little peace and quiet. He just wants me all to himself. He is such a jealous soul.

We put this diaper on Madison because we thought it would be funny. Well, it was! We cut a hole out for her stubby tail and she played for hours with the diaper on. She was in the bedroom playing with my friend's dog and I guess the other dog yanked it down. She came running out of the room with the diaper around her back paws. It was the funniest thing in the world!

They say dogs normally look like their owners. Im glad to say that I think it holds true in this case. My animals bring joy to my life. I wouldn't give either of them up for anything!


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