This is my nephew Robert Locke. He is the son of my brother, Ryan, and Angela. He was born on December 17, 1999. He is my one and only nephew, so far. We put a blanket around his head and he looks like a baby girl. He didn't mind, he just laughed.

Robbie is just learning how to walk. He has expensive walking shoes to help him out. He is doing really well, but if he lets go of your hand he falls right on his rear. He pushes around a little cart and smiles real big the whole time. It is so funny! My brother is into camo, so Robbie has a lot of camo clothes. He is my little wilderness boy.

Since Robbie is the only baby in our family he gets a lot of attention. The sad thing is that everyone always dresses him up and puts things on him to make him look corky for a Kodak moment. My mother, his grandmother, always has the camera in his face. She put these bunny ears on him last easter. This was one of the least corky moments, however. She normally puts things on him like coke-bottle reading glasses. Poor Robbie!

Robbie is my pride an joy. I know he is my only nephew , but he will always hold a special place in my heart because he is the first. I begged Angela for years to have a baby and now he is here. Finally!


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