I am currently attending the University of Florida where I am majoring in Agricultural Communication. I will graduate in December and start grad school in January. I love UF and I really like it here in Gainesville especially on game days. I don't really go to many games but I like to help park people at my friend Alexis' house. She has a prime spot close to campus and we enjoy towing people when they park to go to the Grog House. It sounds mean but it is really exciting to see the people come back and look for their cars. We would rather sit at her house and have towing parties than go out. We do this quite often.

This past summer I did my internship at The Florida Department of Citrus. I learned a lot through this experience. It made me realize that I want to go into marketing when I get out of college. I am going to get a Master's degree in Agribusiness Management. I think marketing is an exciting field that I will enjoy as a career.

Me and Melissa do everything together. We live together, go on vacations together and party together. We are going through college side by side and through everything we are going to be life-long friends.
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