Friends are an important fixture in my life. Who else accepts you as you are without question? I have been very fortunate in being able to call such wonderful people my friends. Unfortunately not all are shown here, but they know who they are. My longest friendship has been with my best friend Molly. We have been best friends since seventh grade and remained that way even while going to different high schools and different colleges. She even introduced me to someone that is very special to me today. How many best friends do that? Anyway, Friends are definately the source of fun as you can see in the photographs below.

From left: Rosie, Nuri, Lorena, Ingrid, Annette, me, Molly, and Liana

Mike and I

Liana, me, and Jessie

Josh, me, Molly, Ingrid, "J", Carolyn, Liana

My roommate Liana and I

Us girls on the St. Pete Beach



Compulsive Shopper