My Family

I was born January 29, 1980 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. A few months into my life my father was transferred and we moved to Coral Springs, Florida. This has been my home for close to twenty-one years. As I have grown, the town has grown with me.

Let me now introduce my family.

In this photograph, you see me, my mom, Constance, my dad, Peter, and my Uncle Patrick. The picture was taken right before my high school graduation. My dad is now retired from the infamous IRS and my mom is a fifth grade teacher at Riverside Elementary. My parents have remained happily married for close to thirty years.

In this lovely photo you see my two extremely tall brothers, Paul (left) and Phillip. Paul graduated from the University of Wisconsin last Christmas and Phil graduated from UCLA in 1995. Paul is working with computers in Madison, Wisconsin and Phil works for Continental Airlines in Houston, Texas. As of right now, both are single girls!



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