Little About Me...

My name is Wonpyo Kang and now I'm a graduate student for master's degree specializing in Advertising at University of Florida. And, I was born in Seoul, which is the capital city of Korea.

When I was in undergraduate, I majored in German literature. At that time, I loved Goethe, Kafka, Heine, Brecht, and their literature. They talked about history, their own worldview, and especially human beings. After graduating from the college, I came to U.S. in 1999 to study about the Advertising at graduate school. And, I've learned advertising strategy, media planning, international advertising management, and so on. Especially, I'm very interested in the 'Internet' as a new medium for planning an advertising campaign. Thus, my thesis will be about the Internet advertising and its effectiveness to consumers.

Hopefully, I would like to have an opportunity to work in advertising agency after completing my master degree. More specifically, I would like to work as an account manager or a media planner. And, I have a plan on going back to my home country and getting the job in there. Because, Korean advertising industry has been rapidly growing and its future is dynamically changing, with more international advertising agencies entering Korean market with more sophisticated marketing and creative knowledge.