Travel To Korea...

In Korea, there are lots of fun and many attractions for world travelers. People in Korea are always kind and welcoming the foreign travelers.

Especially, the year 2001 was designated as Visit Korea Year by the Korean government. Also, according to The Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO), as a welcoming celebration on Visit Korea Year 2001, the first passenger and the first pilot to arrive in Korea will be given a special surprise party.

Seoul is the capital of Korea and also huge city such as New York City in United States. There are many palaces, museums, parks, which are designated to the National Tour Attractions by the government, and also shopping malls.

Top of the charts in the Korean national park scene, Soraksan is spectacular. And, Kyongju, which was the capital of the Silla Dynasty for 1000 years, up until the 10th century, shows the depth of the Korean traditions and its cultures. Especially, in July and August, an exotic Cheju island will offer fun to foreign travelers. A world festival for island cultures will be held on the island.

Moreover, the mountains, national parks and rugged islands all lend themselves to hiking and mountain biking. There are also some of mountains good for skiing - try Yongpyong on the east coast or the Alps Ski Resort near Soraksan National Park. The season is from December to March.

If golf is your game, Korea has what you're after. There are over 60 courses throughout the country. Indoor activities are also popular in Korea - hot spring soaking or Taekwondo, Korea's national martial art.

If you want to have travel for excites and fun, don't hesitate even for a second. Go to Korea and have fun!!