I thought I could include a brief tribute to my family since they truly are some of the best people I know. My parents are named Michael and Eva and I have two younger sisters, Maria and Stephanie. The first photo is of my parents while they were traveling abroad in France a few years ago (they left me home). My dad grew up in New York and is an attorney in South Florida. My mother was born in the Valencian province of Spain and moved to the U.S. about twenty years ago. They both have their quirks but I have never met more decent and honorable people.

The little girl to the right, who looks like she's doing a promotional ad for Coca-Cola, is my sister Stephanie. She is currently enrolled in elementry school and is one of the brightest students in her class. She is part of the gifted program, the captain of her volleyball team, an avid swimmer, and a member of the school chorus. But above all, Stephanie is the kindest and sweetest sister anyone could ever have.

My other younger sister is Maria; she is the tall blond girl in between me and my father. This is a picture of my highschool graduation in the Summer of 1998. Only two years younger than me, she is also enrolled at the University of Florida and bares many talents. She is an excellent student, an ingenious artist, and a relentlessly hard worker. Despite our disagreements, from time to time, she is a good person at heart.

Created by Anthony Hill .