The picture above was taken this year at the LSU game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, home of the fightin' Gators. I have been a Gator fan my entire life. My parents who also attended UF are avid Gator fans. They drive from Tampa for every home game to see the Gators play. Now that I am in college it's more fun for them because they get to see me when they come to Gainesville for the games. My friends and I tailgate with my family before home games. The food, beveragesand Gator spirit are the things that I look forward to when my parents come to visit during football season. My favorite part of going to the games is when the announcer says "hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee come the Gators!" I get an excited feeling and it gets me pumped up for the game. I am going to miss sitting in the student section at Gator games when I graduate from UF. College is flying by and so are my eligible years for football season tickets. I am learning to apprecate going to the games because in a few years I will not be a student at UF anymore. The good times have outweighted the bad in terms of Gator football moments since I have been a student at UF. No National Championships yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for this season. Keep up the great work guys!

This year I am going to the Georgia game in Jacksonville for the first time. I am excited because I love to travel and watch the Gators play. I have seen them play at FSU and in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. Unfortunately the Gators seem to lose on the road when I go to the games. Road trips are a fun part of college and football season is the perfect opportunity to take road trips and cheer on the Gators. Like my dad always says, "they need us out there to be the 12th man." I am a classic example of a die hard Gator fan. In fact, I lose my voice frequently after games in the Swamp.

I have always loved Gator football and I always will. My friends and I truely do bleed orange and blue. I hope to pass on the Gator tradition to my children in the future.Who would want to be a Seminole? Not me, because It's Great to be a Florida Gator... I feel that Gator football is one of the best parts of my college experience. Well, I guess that my education is a big part too. GO GATORS!

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Most recent update: October 24, 2000
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