Welcome to my homepage. My name is Kristie Gibbons and I was born in Tampa,Florida. Yep I'm a Gibbons, check out my claim to fame on my Tampa page by clicking this link. I have been a Florida Gator fan my entire life! One of my first phrases as a child was "Go Gators." In fact I have been going to the Gator games with my parents since I was 10 years old. The family picture above shows my parents. They are two wonderful people but how could they not be,they are Gators! could I forget to mention my younger brother Charlie and Mako our Brittany,they are great too. You can probably figure out who I am by now. If not, I am the young woman in the picture above that is wearing the gray shirt.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself since you did find your way to my homepage. First of all this is my first custom made homepage which is written in HTML, the language of the Internet. I am currently a junior at the University of Florida, majoring in Public Relations with an outside concentration in Business Administration...but I am not quite sure where that's going to lead me. No big plans for me as of yet, but I want to attend graduate school when I finish my undergraduate program at UF. I would love to live out of the state of Florida for a few years. One possible option is out west in Colorado. I could complete my graduate program studies there. I am not in a rush to graduate from UF though. I am having a blast living in Gainesville and going to all of the Gator football games. WOO WOO. Besides that the real world is not ready for me yet.

School takes up a lot of my time these days. When I am not in class, studying or cheering for the Gators in the swamp I like to have a good time. Having fun does not necessarily mean going out and drinking...I've learned that this semester. Welcome to "my junior year of college" the time when my major becomes a nightmare. I do utilize all the free time that I have for having fun when my school work loads are not overwhelmingly time comsuming. When I have free time I like going to bars, going to the movies, shopping, traveling with my family, taking road trips with friends and spending quality time with my friends and family. For more fun and interesting facts about me and my life, visit my great links. Have fun and GO GATORS...ya gotta love college.

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