So, who is this Dave guy anyway?

Hop on the love bus
The Love Bus
and I'll tell you about myself....

I live in a nice three bedroom apartment with two of my best friends, Tommy and Mike.
Tommy's name is Tom Jones!! Oh, and no one calls Mike Mike, we all call him Huff.

If you feel the urge to send them threatening emails



University of FloridaI am a junior Public Relations major at the University of Florida. However, I started college at the University of Georgia. Come late October, I always feel a little torn!University of Georgia

Bucs' HelmetI'm an avid Tampa Bay Bucs fan!Bucs' Helmet

Tampa Bay LightningI'm also a Lightning fan, mostly because I interned for them.Tampa Bay Lightning

Olive GardenI've worked at the Olive Garden for over a yearOlive Garden

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