The Pink Palace

It's like heaven!

The Pink Palace was definately the best hostel of all. It is located in Corfu, a tiny Greek island. I found it very hard to leave the Pink Palace because it was simply amazing. It has its own private beach, which is beautiful. It offers many activities, such as parasailing, cliff jumping and island tours. In addition to that, the price includes yummy breakfast and dinner buffets and free entrance to its nightclub!!

Every Saturday, there is a toga party in the club. Everyone gets a pink toga to wear and goes crazy! At the beginning of each night in the club, there is an ouzo circle. Ouzo is a greek liquor that's very strong. Everyone sits in a big circle on the dance floor while the owner of the Palace, Dr. George, goes around handing out shots of ouzo and smashing plates on your head. It's unbelievably fun.

The Palace costs $17-$20 for "B" class rooms and $25 for "A" class rooms. Take my advice and splurge for the "A" class. They are just like hotel rooms, with air conditioners, hair dryers and even housekeeping!! The "B" class rooms might save you a couple of bucks, but you don't get a/c or any of the good stuff. Even though $25 a night may seem expensive, remember that it includes breakfast and dinner.

You can't go backpacking without going to the Pink Palace! Just take the ferry from Rimini, Italy to Corfu, Greece and a Pink Palace bus will pick you up free of charge to take you to paradise! The ferry ticket is about $20 round trip with your eurail pass. Make your reservations now!!