Hostels are definately the most economical places to stay. They usually cost anywhere from $5 to $15 a night. Many of them also include breakfast in the nightly price. Some hostels are mixed and some are for women only. If you're worried about finding a hostel, don't be. Most Europeans cities have tons of them. You might hear about the International Youth Hostel card, but don't bother getting it. Most of the good hostels don't ask you for it.Check out Europe's top ten hostels. These hostels are a place to stay and a party all rolled in one. Most of these places have a bar, and some of them even have their own nightclubs. Here's my top three:

The Yoho in Salzburg, Austria, has a great drinking game they play in honor of "The Sound of Music," which was filmed there. They play the movie in the bar, and anytime someone sings, says Maria or says captain, you drink. After 15 minutes, it's hard to walk!

Another favorite with backpackers is the Flying Pig hostel in Amsterdam. There are actually two in Amsterdam, so try to stay in the one near the central train station. It's a lot closer to everything. This place serves a good breakfast that is included in the price of the night. However, the dorm rooms are very open so make sure you lock up your bag. The Flying Pig also has a bar with different nightly drink specials. In one corner of the bar, there is a special area reserved for those who want to smoke the funny stuff. I don't remember much of Amsterdam, but I know I had fun!

Finally, let me tell you why I chose this as my number one hostel...