Welcome to the Home Page of Charles Coté

"What's the secret Max?"
"The secret?"
"Well, you seem to have it pretty figured out."
"The secret--I don't know. I think you just gotta
find something you love to do the rest of your life
and then do it the rest of your life.
For me, it's Rushmore."



You've arrived--feel free to stay a while. My name is Charles Cote' and I am a telecommunications graduate student at the University of Florida. This Web page was created as part of a class requirement for my Electronic Publishing class. I am in the second and final year of work in graduate school.

I am currently working as the sports director at the college television station here at UF. I am looking to continue a career in sports broadcasting following graduation. So, along with information about myself, including my resume and the schools I have attended, this page also has links to several sports sites which I check out--all the time.

Click on my picture and you can see my resume.

Comments, questions? Let me know.