Follow that Dream Parkway

Down the road, you pass through Yankeetown, famous for its houses along the Withlacoochee River and the Izaac Walton Lodge. Once you get out of town, you are on your way to the Gulf of Mexico. The sides of the road are lined with black needle rush, saw grass and palm trees. As you near the gulf, you begin to see marshes and areas where the tides come and go. The picture featuring my sisters Ashley (left) and Amber (right) is at Bird Creek Bridge. This is a rebuilt version of the bridge that Elvis fished off during his movie because the original was destroyed during the Storm of the Century in March 1993. An interesting fact about the movie is that Elvis never hooked the big tarpon he "caught" from this bridge. Mr. Gilley--AKA "Swampman"--caught the fish and rigged it to Elvis' pole.
We have come to the end of the road. This is the Gulf of Mexico as many fishermen see it everyday. I learned to launch our John Boat at this ramp and it wasn't a pretty sight. I kept trying and finally won the battle. This ramp is a popular place to come watch the sunset and see the shrimp boats coming and going. Wildlife watchers come to see the manatees, alligators, birds and people (some are a bit wild) who frequent the area.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip to my home as much as I have. We often take our homes for granted until it is time to share it with someone else. Then you see what a special place it really is.

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