An Early Prestel-based system operated in New York by Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc., a division of the newspaper publishing company.

     VIDEOTEX refers to various computer-based interactive systems that electronically deliver text, numbers and graphics via telephone lines, two-way cable, computer networks, or any combination of the three, for display on a television set, video monitor or personal computer.
     Every interactive online system that has existed, including the Internet, falls under the videotex umbrella.




  • It is interactive, meaning two-way communication is supported.
  • Data is stored in computers, often PCs, minicomputers, or mainframes.
  • User can access the data of choice either via a keyboard, dedicated terminal or computer.
  • Menu-driven systems allow users to browse, much like they do a newspaper.
  • Command-line interface allows very fast searches for specific data.
  • Offers much better graphics than teletext, even photo display.
  • Messaging and bulletin boards -- among the first truly interactive, participatory services -- proved extremely popular, surprising operators.
  • Latest and most popular versions of videotex systems are America Online and the World Wide Web.


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