Follow that Dream Parkway

I was born and raised in Inglis, Florida, which is about an hour southwest of Gainesville, Florida. The Inglis-Yankeetown area--two separate towns--share one red light and grocery store, three bars, seven churches, the parkway and me. This seven-mile parkway, also Highway 40, leads to what locals call "the end of the road". It begins at our red light at the intersection of Highway 40 and Highway 19 and, going west, it ends at the Gulf of Mexico. I hope you enjoy the journey down the parkway and the sights along the way. Click here to listen to a clip from Elvis' song "Follow that Dream.
The history behind the name stems from theElvis Presley movie, "Follow that Dream". Not because we believe he lives, but because the movie was filmed here in 1961. As you journey down the parkway, you will see the same sights he saw during his visit.
The parkway was named a few years ago and brings many tourists to our area. They stand underneath the sign on the left and have their pictures taken. I am sure they are waiting for the King himself to pose with them, but no Elvis sightings have been reported.
The next stop is mine and my father's alma mater, Yankeetown School. It is an elmentary and middle school with grades from Kindergarten through eighth. My sisters attend the school now and are getting the opportunity to compete in sports, which were not available when I was there. They get to play in a gym, which wasn't there either. They have a huge library which I didn't get to enjoy. And they have lockers--we didn't. However, I did manage to receive an excellent education. I am proud to say that I was a Yankeetown Sandgnat! (Yes, that's our mascot)

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