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Dear prospective employers:

Currently, I am a senior (undergraduate) at the University of Florida. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of political science, and also a certificate of international relations. I have chosen a minor of cultural anthropology, as well, to supplement my main course of study. Spring 2003 will be my last semester of official course work at the University of Florida, after which I will be working in the D.C. area as an intern through the Washington Center. After completion of my internship, I will be returning to graduate in December 2003.

My main areas of interest include political communications on state, federal and international levels as well as international issues of human rights, conflict resolution, and foreign diplomacy. In my search for a career I am considering both private, military and governmental agencies. I have not, however, limited my search to companies and organizations solely within this field. Ultimately, I seek to find an employer that will offer me the best opportunity for growth as a professional.

I am able to bring a number of valuable skills to any job. Personally, I believe that my strongest skills are strategic planning, public speaking, writing for diverse disciplines, critical evaluation of issues, creative methods of problem solving, negotiation and mediation. I have a solid background in the art of public speaking, competitive debate, critical issues research, formulation and synthesis of data, event planning and creative problem solving within a fast-paced business environment which comes from my academic and professional experience. I am eager to find a working environment that rewards a balanced work ethic and allows flexibility for an extremely driven and independently minded person to grow into their full potential.

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Laura K. Rowe

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